The Varley Group of Australia is seeking a Strategic Partnership with a creative US-based engineering firm focused in aerospace & defense

The Varley Group is an Australian engineering company with a substantial business base in Australia and the Pacific Rim. For 128 years Varley Group has provided its customers with innovative solutions and creative designs that resulted in world-class products. The Company has established a substantial presence in the U.S. through relationships with prime government contractors.


Varley is seeking to establish a strategic partnership with a US-based engineering firm which shares our passion for innovation and creativity. The partnership will leverage synergies between the two companies. It may also involve provision of working capital by Varley and, eventually, a merger of the companies.

Varley has established a set of initial principles to guide our efforts to find the ideal partner.

ISO Quality LogoFocus: An engineering firm in the aerospace and/or defense space that has technologies, intellectual property, skills, manufacturing, and past performance in areas that complement those of the Varley Group

Management Team: A stable and successful management team that has proven itself over at least five years and has been the primary driver in building the company. Interpersonal chemistry and the ability to work together are critical requirements.

Products & Services: A range of products and services that are important enough in both the US and Pacific Rim markets to justify Varley making an investment.

Customer Base: A range of customers and contract vehicles that compliment and extend those of the Varley Group

Manufacturing: As Varley intends to leverage the US partner’s manufacturing to bolster its global supply chain, a management team and company that has substantial operational, manufacturing, fabrication and design capabilities is of particular interest.

Revenue: Between twenty and one hundred million dollars annually with a history of growth

Profitability: Income statements that indicate a well-run company with healthy margins

Banner varley-evr450-4Balance Sheet: Varley prefers a company that does not have outside investors; a company where the management team holds all or substantially all of the equity is of particular interest

Strategic Interest: A major objective of Varley is to form a strategic partnership with a company that provides substantial synergy between the companies. Varley’s objective is to form a strategic player in both the US and Pacific Rim markets.

Long-Term Arrangement: Varley is seeking to establish a long-term partnership. It expects to conduct extensive diligence on a potential partner and is ready to respond to similar requests.

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