CTSi & Varley USA to Present MUDBUCKET® Technology at Avalon 2017


Varley Group and Coherent Technical Services will make a presentation at Avalon 2017 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia on March 1, at 10:25 as part of the AIAC Technical Sessions. Titled “Mudbucket®: Solution for Avionics Integration”, the presentation will explore the advantages of CTSi’s open architecture technology for real-time insertion of data streams into the functioning network of an operational system. This technology holds significant opportunities for both military and commercial entities to save money and time in a variety of application environments.

Today, significant challenges exist when the potential for new technology insertion becomes available for an existing operational system. Having to insert the technology, potentially from multiple vendors, to test the results is expensive and time consuming. By attaching Mudbucket to the system, each new technology can be integrated and tested without having to modify the system at all. The benefits in cost savings and time are significant.Varley_CTSi

Other applications include the identification of system malfunctions without having to recreate the real-life conditions under which it occurred. Suppose a pilot returns to base and reports certain problems having occurred under specific flying conditions. By attaching Mudbucket to the aircraft, those flight conditions can be recreated on the flight line or in the hangar. These are just two circumstances where Mudbucket technology can provide significant benefits. At Avalon, CTSi and Varley will present information on the technology and further explore its potential applications.

CTSi, based in Lexington Park, Maryland is a technical services and engineering firm providing support to military, aerospace and space programs. In addition to Mudbucket, CTSi has developed several other innovative avionic and acoustic technical systems and has established a strong reputation with the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command for providing superior systems engineering and technical management services.

Varley USA, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Varley Group, a 130-year-old Australian engineering and manufacturing company that produces specialty vehicles and containers, and provides advanced engineering services to aerospace and defense programs.
CTSi and Varley USA are working together in a Strategic Partnership to utilize the capabilities of both companies in support of their customer base, further promoting their shared interest and expertise in aeronautical programs.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Sanders, CTSi, (301) 880-3341
Matt Hederstrom, Varley USA, (301) 880-3341

Varley USA

Varley Group and its Subsidiary, Varley USA, Inc. Form Strategic Alliance with Concurrent Technologies Corporation and its Affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation


Mary Bevan, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, (814) 269-2490 or bevanm@ctc.com 

Varley Group and its Subsidiary, Varley USA, Inc. Form Strategic Alliance with Concurrent Technologies Corporation and its Affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation

Johnstown, PA, May 21, 2015 – The Varley Group of Australia and its subsidiary, Varley USA, Inc. have formed a strategic alliance with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and its affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC).

Varley Group is one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies. The strategic alliance will extend the Varley Group’s business in the United States in three key areas; Aerospace & Defense, specialized vehicles, and advanced electric motor and generator technologies. It is a truly trans-Pacific partnership which will bring high-quality jobs and new business to the U.S.

“Varley is expanding its already extensive footprint in the American defense & aerospace marketplace. Our strategic partnership will open new markets to CTC and EVC, and leverage our strong reputation for developing high-quality solutions to hard engineering challenges,” said Earl “Chief” Smith II, PhD, SVP for Strategic Initiatives, Varley USA. “In CTC and EVC we have found an ideal partner. The partnership presents us with a unique opportunity to achieve great things together.” Read more

Varley USA, Inc. relocates its offices to Tysons Virginia

Media Contact:
Matthew Hederstrom
CEO, Varley USA, Inc.
(703) 582-4924
Email: matt.hederstrom@varleygroup.us

Varley USA relocates its offices to Tysons Corner, Virginia

Varley USA has established new offices in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The move is a result of an expansion of its activities and a need to be closer to its most important clients and advisers Read more

The Varley Group of Australia Seeks Strategic Partnership with U.S. Engineering Firm

Oldest design & engineering firm in Australia plans to increase its US footprint within the aerospace and defense marketplace

Washington, DC — January 21, 2015 — The Varley Group, one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies, is seeking a US-based engineering strategic partner. The strategic partnership will leverage synergies and open Pacific Rim and Asian markets to its new partner. Read more

Australian Engineering Company, The Varley Group, Creates U.S. Subsidiary

Jeff Phillips, The Varley Group

The Varley Group, one of Australia’s oldest engineering companies, announced Nov. 11 the launch of a U.S. subsidiary to extend the groups business within the United States.

“Varley Group has provided its customers with innovative solutions and quality designs and products for over 125 years,” The Varley Group in Australia’s CEO Jeff Phillips said. “We have a long history of doing business within the U.S. and establishing a formal presence in the states was the logical next step in continuing our success in this market. Through establishing the subsidiary, Varley is better positioned to grow that success and to provide our U.S. partners and customers a wide range of unparalleled services and products through strategic partnerships and growth through acquisitions.” Read more

Varley Group Australia Selects 90Degrees of Design to Support Corporate Branding Efforts


NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA, November 12, 2014 – Varley Group, one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies with over 128 years of history serving a diverse range of industries such as defense and aerospace, specialized vehicles, electric vehicles, power services, ship repair, rail services and telescopic towers, announced today that it has selected 90Degrees of Design to support the parent company in its corporate branding efforts as it launches its US-based subsidiary, Varley USA, Inc.

“While we have a long history of working with contractors and governments around the world, we felt it was important to make sure Varley Group here at home was doing everything possible to ensure our global presence was fully aligned with the efforts of our newly launched US subsidiary,” said Jeff Phillips, Managing Director and Chairman of Varley Group. “Today’s market environment, especially in the United States, is more complex and we wanted a firm that not only had a finely-tuned understanding of the government procurement landscape, but understood how to leverage our rich history and brand in the process. 90Degrees’ understanding of how to build complete and integrated communications programs, and their reputation of accomplishment in the space we’re in, were key factors in our decision.” Read more

Dan Dragoi has been appointed VP of Global Business Development of Varley Group’s American subsidiary

Jeffrey Phillips, Managing Director of the Varley Group of Australia, announced that Dan Dragoi has been appointed Vice President, Global Business imagesDevelopment of Varley Group’s American subsidiary. As VP for Varley USA, Mr. Dragoi is responsible for the organic growth effort including sales, marketing, and customer relations, ensuring that Varley USA reflects the world-class quality and support of the Varley Group.

In making the announcement, Mr. Phillips said “Mr. Dragoi is well suited for his role to lead our organic growth endeavors at Varley USA. He brings a wealth of experience with over 25 years of managing defense programs, building client relationships and new business development.”

About Varley Group Australia: Varley is one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies. The company consistently provides its customers with innovative solutions and quality in design and manufacture. It provides a comprehensive range of services and products to a wide variety of major industries. The company’s vast project experience includes working within industries such as:

  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Specialized Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Power Services
  • Ship Repair
  • Rail Services
  • Telescopic Towers

Varley’s work on projects, large and small, has earned the company a reputation; locally, nationally and internationally, as a supplier of first class work, a manufacturer of quality products and a provider of unsurpassed service. Its broad but specialized skill-base, acquired through experience and servicing a diverse range of markets gives the company the competitive edge in providing quality customer service.

About Varley US: Varley USA is the US subsidiary of an Australian Engineering Services company. It is headquartered in Washington, DC and is focused on making strategic acquisitions as well as building US business based on Varley’s broad array of technologies, capabilities and experience. Varley US has offices at 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC. For more information about Varley US visit our website at http://www.varleygroup.us.

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Varley US engages Sage Communications for PR, Marketing and Branding Support

Jeff Phillips, CEO of the Varley Group in Australia announced that its US subsidiary, has engaged Sage Communications to manage public relations and provide marketing and branding support. In making the announcement Mr. Phillips said, “We were impressed from the very beginning by the capabilities of Sage. They have a very strong team which understands our industry extremely well. They are also very experienced in supporting efforts by foreign companies entering the US market.”

Larry Rosenfeld & Dr Smith

Larry Rosenfeld & Dr Smith

Dr. Earl Smith, Senior Vice President for Acquisitions of Varley US, negotiated the arrangement. He observed, “This was a no-brainer for us. Sage brings vast experience, a strong team and a wide range of connections to the engagement. The latter is particularly important to us as we intend to make multiple acquisitions in the US market. For us, it was a perfect fit.” Read more