P. Matthew Hederstrom has been appointed CEO of Varley Group’s American subsidiary

Jeffrey Phillips, the Managing Director of the Varley Group of Australia announced that P. Matthew Hederstrom has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Varley Grouimagesp’s American subsidiary. As CEO for Varley USA, Mr. Hederstrom leads the strategic direction of the company, manages the day-to-day operations, and is responsible for Varley’s continued growth in the US market, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

In making the announcement, Mr. Phillips said “we have partnered with Mr. Hederstrom and his teams over the years on several successful programs, so we’re thrilled to have Matt take the helm of our US operation.”

About Varley Group Australia: Varley is one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies. The company consistently provides its customers with innovative solutions and quality in design and manufacture. It provides a comprehensive range of services and products to a wide variety of major industries. The company’s vast project experience includes working within industries such as:

• Defense & Aerospace
• Specialized Vehicles
• Electric Vehicles
• Power Services
• Ship Repair
• Rail Services
• Telescopic Towers

Varley’s work on projects, large and small, has earned the company a reputation; locally, nationally and internationally, as a supplier of first class work, a manufacturer of quality products and a provider of unsurpassed service. Its broad but specialized skill-base, acquired through experience and servicing a diverse range of markets gives the company the competitive edge in providing quality customer service.

About Varley US: Varley USA is the US subsidiary of an Australian Engineering Services company. It is headquartered in Washington, DC and is focused on making strategic acquisitions as well as building US business based on Varley’s broad array of technologies, capabilities and experience. Varley US has offices at 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC. For more information about Varley US visit our website at www.varleygroup.us.

About Mr. Hederstrom: Mr. Hederstrom hMatthew Hederstromas broad, 20-year experience in the government and commercial Aerospace and Defense space. After earning his Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, Mr. Hederstrom developed state-of-the-art control system designs for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, CA. He then managed the Defense division of a small business designing and delivering tactical precision approach aids to support military and disaster relief operations. He successfully deployed the technology with not only with the US Marines and US Air Force, but also with the Royal Australian Air Force. Mr. Hederstrom then managed the sales and marketing of a tactical computer hardware company in the high-tech Dulles corridor of northern Virginia, driving record revenue for the company. Subsequently, given his highly technical background and experience with sales, marketing, and program management, he founded Oscar Nelson Group, an international management consulting firm serving international clients across myriad markets and lines of business.
In accepting the role, Mr. Hederstrom noted “I have worked with Varley for 15 years while at other companies, and grew to rely on their quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. I’m honored to lead the charge of building upon Varley’s culture here in the US.”

Contact information: Matt.Hederstrom@VarleyGroup.US.