The Varley Group of Australia launches a US Subsidiary

Jeffimages Phillips, the CEO of the Varley Group of Australia announced the launch of a US subsidiary. The launch party was attended by over one hundred dignitaries and members of the military and defense establishment. It was held at the Washington DC convention center in concert with the AUSA conference. The Varley Group was an exhibitor at the conference and a member of Team Australia.

The US subsidiary was established to extend the Varley Group’s business in the United States in three key areas; Aerospace & Defense, specialized vehicles and advanced electric motor and generator technologies. In addition to extending the Varley Group business base in the US, the subsidiary will acquire companies which leverage the Varley Group technologies and capabilities. It has offices at 1101 Pennsylvania Ave.

At the party, Jeff Phillips introduced the Varley Group US team.

Matthew HederstromThe team is headed by Matthew Hederstrom. Mr. Hederstrom has broad, 20-year experience in the government and commercial Aerospace and Defense space. After earning his Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, Mr. Hederstrom developed state-of-the-art control system designs for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Palmdale, CA. He then managed the Defense division of a small business designing and delivering tactical precision approach aids to support military and disaster relief operations. He successfully deployed the technology with not only with the US Marines and US Air Force, but also with the Royal Australian Air Force. Mr. Hederstrom then managed the sales and marketing of a tactical computer hardware company in the high-tech Dulles corridor of northern Virginia, driving record revenue for the company. Subsequently, given his highly technical background and experience with sales, marketing, and program management, he founded Oscar Nelson Group, an international management consulting firm serving international clients across myriad markets and lines of business.

In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hederstrom leads the strategic direction of Varley USA, manages the day-to-day operations of the company, and is responsible for Varley’s continued growth in the US market, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. You can reach Mr. Hederstrom at Matt.Hederstrom@VarleyGroup.US.

Earl R Smith II, PhDThe acquisition effort is being led by Dr. Earl R Smith II. Dr Smith is a serial entrepreneur, political and social theorist, published author and speaker. A veteran of Wall Street, he has served as CEO/Senior Partner for all six of the companies which he founded. Chief (as he is known) has experience in mergers and acquisitions, designing and organizing companies, business/technology management, team building, strategic alliances, negotiating complex arrangements, governance & compliance, resourcing & financing, mergers & acquisitions, management/team/board assessment, coaching and strategic and tactical planning and implementation. He is the author of ten business books, over 400 articles on a wide range of subjects and a paranormal action/adventure series of novels.

In his role as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for Varley USA, Dr Smith leads a team focused on making acquisitions that compliment and extend the substantial technologies, capabilities and resources which Varley brings to the table. You can contact Dr Smith at Chief@VarleyGroup.US.

Dragoi v2The third member of the senior team is Dan Dragoi. Mr. Dragoi has a distinguished career spanning the Aerospace and Defense market, spanning physical security to Information Technology to federal business development. Mr Dragoi managed a large joint service program deploying systems at 89 military installations worldwide over a period of 8 years. With his Program Management experience and Biological degree he was subsequently hired by SAIC in support of their first $1B+ award. These programs required Top Secret clearance, which he maintains to this day. Mr. Dragoi then joined a firm that designed and manufactured rugged tactical systems for the military, where he was personally responsible for 72% of the company’s revenues. In 2012, Mr. Dragoi joined Oscar Nelson Group as Partner, where he was responsible for generating new business opportunities for a variety of defense and commercial clients in engineering, aerospace, stealth technology, low observables, radar absorbing materials, passive fire suppression systems, merger and acquisition, and doing business with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

As Vice President of Global Business Development, Mr. Dragoi is responsible for Varley USA’s sales, marketing, and customer relations ensuring that Varley USA reflects the world-class quality and support of the Varley Group.
You can reach Mr. Dragoi at Dan.Dragoi@VarleyGroup.US.

In announcing the launch and the senior team, Mr. Phillips said “Entering the US market has been a long-term goal of the Varley Group. Although we have been doing business with US companies for some time, we decided that the time was right to establish a formal presence here. The US market is very attractive to us and I believe that our company has a great deal to offer both through strategic partnerships and growth through acquisitions. We have assembled a first-rate senior team and are strongly committed to growing the subsidiary.”

About Varley US: Varley USA is the US subsidiary of an Australian Engineering Services company. It is headquartered in Washington, DC and is focused on making strategic acquisitions as well as building US business based on Varley’s broad array of technologies, capabilities and experience.

image007Varley is one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies. The company consistently provides its customers with innovative solutions and quality in design and manufacture. It provides a comprehensive range of services and products to a wide variety of major industries. The company’s vast project experience includes working within industries such as:

• Defense & Aerospace
• Specialized Vehicles
• Electric Vehicles
• Power Services
• Ship Repair
• Rail Services
• Telescopic Towers

Varley’s work on projects, large and small, has earned the company a reputation; locally, nationally and internationally, as a supplier of first class work, a manufacturer of quality products and a provider of unsurpassed service. Its broad but specialized skill-base, acquired through experience and servicing a diverse range of markets gives the company the competitive edge in providing quality customer service.