The Varley Group of Australia Seeks Strategic Partnership with U.S. Engineering Firm

Oldest design & engineering firm in Australia plans to increase its US footprint within the aerospace and defense marketplace

Washington, DC — January 21, 2015 — The Varley Group, one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies, is seeking a US-based engineering strategic partner. The strategic partnership will leverage synergies and open Pacific Rim and Asian markets to its new partner.

Varley Logo (Excellence) - BlackVarley has established a substantial presence in the U.S. through relationships with prime government contractors. Currently is working with major defense companies, such as with Lockheed Martin on the F-35 fighter jet and Northrop Grumman on its Global Hawk and Triton drones.

“Varley plans to expand its already extensive footprint in the American defense & aerospace marketplace and help open Pacific Rim markets to our strategic partner. It is a win-win arrangement.” said Earl “Chief” Smith II, PhD, SVP Acquisitions.

Varley-USA-banner-2The Varley Group has established a set of initial criteria for the ideal partner.

• Focus: An engineering firm in the aerospace and/or defense space that has technologies, intellectual property, skills, manufacturing and past performance in areas that complement those of the Varley Group.
• Management Team: A successful management team that has proven itself over at least five years. Interpersonal chemistry and the ability to work together are critical requirements.
• Products & Services: A range of products and services that are important in both the US and Pacific Rim markets
• Customer Base: A range of customers and contract vehicles that complement those of the Varley Group
• Manufacturing: As Varley intends to leverage the US partner’s manufacturing to bolster its global supply chain, a management team and company that has substantial operational, manufacturing, fabrication and design capabilities
• Revenue: Between 20 and 100 million dollars annually with a history of growth


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