Ideal Strategic Partner Description

Business Base

  • Customized vehicle design, integration, and fabrication
  • Revenue streams from both government and commercial markets

Ideal Customer Profile

  • State/local and national first responders
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Airport authorities, air base operations, FAA and their contractors
  • Airline operations and maintenance organizations
  • A&D prime contractors – ideally, initially shared with Varley Group
  • DoD program offices – direct contracts
  • Large commercial companies

Operating History

  • Positive CPARs and past performance questionnaire responses
  • Growing or plateauing revenue for past three years
  • Low turn-over for key management positions

Core Technologies

  • Mechanical engineering
    • Comprehensive and documented engineering processes
    • Computer-aided design and modeling skills/tools
    • Innovative design methodologies
    • Experience deriving novel solutions to complex problems
  • Systems engineering
    • Requirements derivation and documentation
    • Validation and Verification traceability to requirements
    • Rigorous documentation standards
    • Demonstrated optimal design success – e.g. minimized weight
  • Mechanical fabrication and manufacturing
    • Specification and fabrication drawing experience
    • Quality control and assurance procedures
    • In-house tooling and equipment for fabrication
    • Ample facilities for current backlog and room for growth
  • Hardware system integration
    • Sub-contractor and vendor management processes
    • Component integration, test, and documentation
    • Performance traceability to requirements matrices
  • Processes and discipline
    • Demonstrated healthy customer relationships
    • Demonstrated healthy supplier relationships
    • Rigorous adherence to quality standards
  • Core Quals:
    • ISO certified, AS 9100 certified
    • Facility clearances
    • Demonstrated program performance – on time, on budget, to spec
    • Demonstrated contract growth through change orders, follow-on procurement
    • Demonstrated repeat business from past/current customer base
    • Valuable IP portfolio


  • Mature management team and processes
  • Low turn-over history

If you are a stakeholder of a company that meets our acquisition criteria or a sell-side representative, contact us.