CTSi & Varley USA to Present MUDBUCKET® Technology at Avalon 2017


Varley Group and Coherent Technical Services will make a presentation at Avalon 2017 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia on March 1, at 10:25 as part of the AIAC Technical Sessions. Titled “Mudbucket®: Solution for Avionics Integration”, the presentation will explore the advantages of CTSi’s open architecture technology for real-time insertion of data streams into the functioning network of an operational system. This technology holds significant opportunities for both military and commercial entities to save money and time in a variety of application environments.

Today, significant challenges exist when the potential for new technology insertion becomes available for an existing operational system. Having to insert the technology, potentially from multiple vendors, to test the results is expensive and time consuming. By attaching Mudbucket to the system, each new technology can be integrated and tested without having to modify the system at all. The benefits in cost savings and time are significant.Varley_CTSi

Other applications include the identification of system malfunctions without having to recreate the real-life conditions under which it occurred. Suppose a pilot returns to base and reports certain problems having occurred under specific flying conditions. By attaching Mudbucket to the aircraft, those flight conditions can be recreated on the flight line or in the hangar. These are just two circumstances where Mudbucket technology can provide significant benefits. At Avalon, CTSi and Varley will present information on the technology and further explore its potential applications.

CTSi, based in Lexington Park, Maryland is a technical services and engineering firm providing support to military, aerospace and space programs. In addition to Mudbucket, CTSi has developed several other innovative avionic and acoustic technical systems and has established a strong reputation with the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command for providing superior systems engineering and technical management services.

Varley USA, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Varley Group, a 130-year-old Australian engineering and manufacturing company that produces specialty vehicles and containers, and provides advanced engineering services to aerospace and defense programs.
CTSi and Varley USA are working together in a Strategic Partnership to utilize the capabilities of both companies in support of their customer base, further promoting their shared interest and expertise in aeronautical programs.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Sanders, CTSi, (301) 880-3341
Matt Hederstrom, Varley USA, (301) 880-3341

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